100 Proof

from by Amaya

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100 Proof liquor is 50% alcohol, which serves as the muse for the title. Given that the feelings in this song are 50/50, with the confusion between love and lust, I felt the metaphor behind the title was fitting.



"Hundred Proof"
11:11pm ~

When has being honest,
Ever done me good?
What a bummer,
Men I get up under never really understood.


Trying to numb me down with some liquor and a chaser,
You got me feigning for a taste, of you.

So what now?
Now, tell me should I take a flight out?
Cause I've been feeling the pressure.
Wondering what you do & who you doing for the pleasure.

I know that you've been busy,
Haven't texted in a minute.
But being without you here has got me,
Wondering what I'm missing out, yeah.

Late nights vibing out to Marsha Ambrosius,
A bottle of Chardonnay,
& I love getting to know you.
Klein on the sheets and a blunt full of love,
& the taste of your lips that like to linger on my tongue,
Boy I'm strung...

(Four in the morning and I don't even know.)

So maybe my stays here are a little too frequent.
Paying for these flights and hotels just for the weekend.
Why did I delude myself to thinking that I need this.
Be back in a week or so, I land, and then I'm leaving,
And I'm gone.
Why am I so blind to what this is, I couldn't see it.
Love just isn't in my very thoughts or in my reasons.
& I know that you're stressed and need someone there to relieve it.
Wish we could rewind to better times and hit the reset.
Fuck all of those times I got caught up inside my weakness,
Love is just a fantasy I dream that I'll believe in.
Maybe one day,
When my guards all fall just like the season.
& we'll be more than all the pleasures we indulge in,
In the evening.


Been feeling the pressure.
Wondering what you do and who you doing for the pleasure.

(Four in the morning and I don't even know.)


from Amaya, track released March 9, 2016
Produced by 808.



all rights reserved


Amaya Hawaii

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