Lonely Throne

by Amaya

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released February 14, 2016

Executive Producer: SB95

Written, Performed, Mixed, & Mastered by Amaya Lux.



all rights reserved


Amaya Hawaii

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Track Name: In Lust We Trust
"In Lust We Trust"
Produced by SB95.
February 13, 2015 ~ 12:41am

1. (Sung)
Drinking Moscato at six in the morning.
You're telling me you're falling, no warning.
But I do not understand, baby we talked about it.
No emotions accepted.
You know you will be neglected.
Ooh, cause I'm not the type anymore.
You just don't know what's in store.
Baby I'm poppin' bottles.
Poppin' these bottles in here.
Talking and talking til' two in the morning.
Talking about having sex in the morning.
Stop playing with me.
You know how I feel about you baby,
Calvin's & Vickie's around you baby,
Tell me you haven't forgotten me.

No love in here,
I'm In Lust With You.
Can I trust in you?

2. (Rapped)
Don't kiss my neck while I'm driving that auto.
Boy I'll pull over and hit some vibrato.
Then we can ride, we can vibe to this music.
It's only with you that I'll fly and I'll lose it,
For real.
Think you're the one that I need.
Cause you walk away and my body can't breathe.
Fucking amazing,
So high when we're sexing,
The higher the climb since we're loyal,
We flexing, that's real.
Let them niggas wait on it.
Play for it and say they want it.
No love here, just music.
Cause when love is granted,
They take it for granted,
& granted, they lose it.
That's realer.

Outro: (Sung)
Never thought I was the type to go ahead and just kick it.
But I'm In Lust With You.
Track Name: Hours Faded
"Hours Faded"
Produced by SB95.
February 14, 2015 ~ 1:49am

1. (Sung)
Welcome to lust.
I don't want love, just wanna fuck.
Baby wassup?
Take control of me.
Drive me insane, and then drive me home.
Vodka, Bacardi, Hennessy, Patron.

Hook: (Sung)
You know what time it is.
Baby you know.
You know what time it is.
Let's get low.
Let's get faded.
Baby you know,
What time it is.
Take it down.
You know what time it is.

It's like 1:21 in the morning.

2. (Rapped)
Pour some Bacardi,
Let's smoke and get lifted,
Then fuck you like you were the one I've been missing.
Oh god.
Please tell me you ain't in love,
Cause when push comes to shove,
Boy the sex is above,
Don't be dumb.
You knew that when we first started.
Diamonds and Spades,
Maybe Clubs, but no Hearts.
Maybe space.
Maybe some timing away,
Would get your mind straightened out,
I could be patient, I'll wait.

Hook: (Sung)
Cause you know what time it is,
You know what time it is. (x3)

Outro: (Sung)
I have been alone for far too long.
I need you to myself, babe.
I have been alone for far too long.
I need this for myself, yeah.
You know how it is,
You know what time it is.
Time to make you mine for a change,
Let me fill the space that you feel is...
Is gone.
You know what time it is.
You know what time...
You know what time it is.
You know what time it is.
Track Name: State Of Mind
"State Of Mind"
Produced by SB95.
February 14, 2015 ~ 2:37am

Pour it up.
Sip it slow.
(Sip it slow, there you go.)
I can tell you're high,
Let me blow some smoke.
Right there.

Can you feel me?
Can you hear me?
(No you don't.)
I can see you're elevated.
Concentrated on how high you need to be.
(Elevated, you demonstrate it.)

Let's get high.
Higher than the clouds tonight.
Float into the stars tonight.
While I float into your arms tonight.
Let's get high.
(I got my drank and coke, a glass of OD.)
You're my high.
(It's my antidote. A glass of codeine.)
Every kiss just gets me higher.
I swear that I'm on fire when I'm right next to you.
Sip it slowly.

Outro: (Inaudible over sample)
I heard, I heard, I heard,
I hurt you.
From some bitches,
I heard, I heard, I heard,
I hurt you.
I don't know, I just hope.
You'll forgive me for all I've done wrong.
Cause I feel your high.
Track Name: Envious
"Envy Us" (Envious)
Produced by SB95.
February 14, 2015 ~ 4:51am

1. (Sung)
Why are you jealous,
Boy why are you envious?
People, they're talking.
They tell me you envy us.
(Why do you envy us?)
I don't mind, boy I don't care.
(I don't mind, boy I don't care at all.)
I understand.
(Where you're coming from.)
You wanted a piece but right now you can't get it.
(Now you can't get it, no.)
You had your chance and right now you regret it.
(You regret it huh?)
You let me go, tell me why would you...
Ever do something stupid like that now?

2. (Rapped)
Rollin' round the city with my AMEX.
Tell me niggas, where your fuckin' game at?
Never been the girl to wine & dine expecting payment,
For it all coming from whoever invited me,
Nah, I don't play that.
You tell me "Girl it doesn't matter who you came with.
The only thing important is who you go home to.
The person you decide to kick it back with,
Then maybe roll up, and maybe roll through."

Outro: (Sung)
Hope you don't envy us.
I hate when you're envious.
You know what I'm saying.
Stop playing,
You know what I'm trying to say.
Why do you envy us?
Why you so envious?
Why you so envious?