by Amaya



released July 21, 2017



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Track Name: Control
10/8/16 ~ 1:05AM

He likes Bombay on ice,
He's nothing nice.
Killing every single bottle,
We drink tonight.
He likes Versace,
Mercy keys,
Leather seats,
Ocean breezes and Molly,
& making love in Cavalli,
He likes...

He likes control.
He likes control.
He likes control.
Control you.

Spending all nighters at the Prince,
Dropping all these hints,
Like maybe "you" and "I"
Should intertwine and then condense,
To maybe "us" or maybe "we".
If we would both agree this is exactly what it seems.
Baby tell me what it means tonight.

When we lose control.
Let's lose control.

[Switch up]

Tell me what you want.
Tell me what you need.
Tell me what I'm here for,
Give me what I want.
Give you what you need.
Oh, baby.

I like,
Henny and Sprite,
That dirty ice.
Blow a band on every bottle,
We drink tonight.
Valets and lobbies,
Mercy keys,
Leather seats,
Blasting Abel & Party,
With red and blue on the walls,
He likes...

Me in control, sometimes.

(I know what you want,
I know what you need.
Take it off,
and let me find a way through you.)
Track Name: Selfish
1:38am ~ January 10, 2015

Conversations with women that know I'm competition.
Self obsessions and finding myself what I've been missing.
I'm talking LOVE, I'm talking TRUST, I'm talking US,
But I'm still craving all these things and then settling down with LUST.
Plus my vices and their advices go a long way,
And vices like having men, and politeness goes the wrong way.
I'm trading in innocent weekends for a long stay,
Cause the only time you get to hear me around you's when my songs play...
I'm looking through smoke and mirrors so the past is clearer.
So if my ex is down to ride, then I'm bound to consider.
Thinking of me before a nigga has made me a winner,
And if it's me and you in the frame then cheese for the picture.
Indulge me just for a moment,
Just hold me tight when I'm moaning,
The time is right in my zone and infatuation's my motive.
I hope that you're starting to fall, cause no one can have you but me.
As if you didn't know and you were blind and couldn't see,
I'm fucking SELFISH.
Track Name: Los Angeles
1:48am ~

Tell me a lie, make me believe, tell me you're mine.
That is about what I need right now.
Love me so right, Don't ever leave & kiss me goodbye.
That is something I don't need to hide.
Fuck me like I am your queen tonight.

Lose yourself tonight right here behind my bedroom door.
Lipstick on the wine glass, panties on the living room floor.
Biting on my lips, tease you till you're begging me for more.
Tell me that you're mine, you already know it baby, I'm yours.

Often imitated, never duplicated.
Hennessy & Jealousy got me feeling so faded.
Everything around me feels like it's so belated,
From the love down to the hatred.
Lately I've been chilling on the beach with somebody else,
Laying in the sheets with somebody else,
Wishing that somebody there was me while you're with somebody else... Right?

Wish you could...

Track Name: 100 Proof
"Hundred Proof"
11:11pm ~

When has being honest,
Ever done me good?
What a bummer,
Men I get up under never really understood.


Trying to numb me down with some liquor and a chaser,
You got me feigning for a taste, of you.

So what now?
Now, tell me should I take a flight out?
Cause I've been feeling the pressure.
Wondering what you do & who you doing for the pleasure.

I know that you've been busy,
Haven't texted in a minute.
But being without you here has got me,
Wondering what I'm missing out, yeah.

Late nights vibing out to Marsha Ambrosius,
A bottle of Chardonnay,
& I love getting to know you.
Klein on the sheets and a blunt full of love,
& the taste of your lips that like to linger on my tongue,
Boy I'm strung...

(Four in the morning and I don't even know.)

So maybe my stays here are a little too frequent.
Paying for these flights and hotels just for the weekend.
Why did I delude myself to thinking that I need this.
Be back in a week or so, I land, and then I'm leaving,
And I'm gone.
Why am I so blind to what this is, I couldn't see it.
Love just isn't in my very thoughts or in my reasons.
& I know that you're stressed and need someone there to relieve it.
Wish we could rewind to better times and hit the reset.
Fuck all of those times I got caught up inside my weakness,
Love is just a fantasy I dream that I'll believe in.
Maybe one day,
When my guards all fall just like the season.
& we'll be more than all the pleasures we indulge in,
In the evening.


Been feeling the pressure.
Wondering what you do and who you doing for the pleasure.

(Four in the morning and I don't even know.)